Solving problems of missed information from nameplates or datasheet tables of most assets due to corrosion or removed. Reference, to the above course title and the problem of missed information from nameplates or datasheet tables of most of the assets due to corrosion or removal. We suggest adding another simple way to collect information about assets (using any smartphone device). The data will print on (Waterproof –fireproof) stickers and stick in a clear place on the Asset. Below is an example of Asset data: ----------------------------------- Location: Platform-GD-1C Description: Diesel Engine - Emergency Diesel Generator Package C Asset: 3575 Status: OPERATING Meter Group: D398 - CAT Diesel Engine Model D398 Process System:47[Emergency Power (Diesel Gens)] Failure Class: CEDE Drawing #: GUP-5811-401 PM: 1025 Status: Active Frequency:6 MONTHS First Start Date: 2/13/2004 PM Description: PM (1500 Hr.) for Diesel engine (CAT D-398) Work Responsibility: RS-RECIP-NORTH Reason of Work: SAFETY CRITICAL Condition Of Work: ITEM TAG OFFLINE Counter:137 And our developers build the QRCode Generator using free C# code from the internet. Converts data to this color QR (The color is an optional variety) I choose Black & Yellow for (the CAT Diesel engine) The benefits: ---------------- 1-Avoid the corrosion problem as the paper is coated, water resistant, and fire resistant and does not react with wither conditions. 2-Anyone on the on-shore \Off-shore platform can easily get information on the faced Asset by just clicking. 3-As in the example above the PM and all data can be added according to the division’s needs. 4-The Maintenance operations can be confirmed by sending data to office engineers. 5-The site visit for a new one on the platform can easily find his target. 6-I think the combination of Maximo Data in QR will help to improve Maintenance operations and searching methods. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: ----------- Any suggestions for other helpful data will be welcome. We can add a link for example to the P&ID from the share [and so on] QRcode accept Hyperlink. For your information, we need just accept the idea not any further action from your division. We can handle the data and print it, and send a list of QR codes to you. After acceptance, we will test the major SCE Assets (like – Firewater pumps – Diesel generators) on all platforms [as an example of assets]. The QRGenerator will run on this datasheet and be printed as a test on ordinary A4 paper. I get feedback from maintenance to add the Location Tag number below the QR will be like this: To help the Maintenance person who will stick the QR [using a list of Asset's Location TAG numbers] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I was informed by an expected Eng. that [Dragon Oil] used the same idea from a long years ago called (Assets Passport) But it is limited to 15 characters and can’t contains details of data. The new QRcode could handle 2613 characters. (1 Page word format full with 50 lines) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I’ll discuss with other divisions the benefits of using this new nameplate sticker paper. And you can feedback from the email messages center. Notes: -------- 1-The application is developed by me using free code from the internet. 2-The Package 500 A4 Paper of (waterproof – fireproof) sticker papers is about 15 $ USD 3-No IT division task is needed. 4-We using Microsoft Excel 2016 for data and printing. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For your use of the Application: Easy Steps: ------------------------------- 1-Open application. 2-Enter your Asset Data [Collect your needs from IBM Maximo fields]. 3-click the [Generate] button. 4-If the image size is very small to print [Do the following] 5-Put [2] in the X(Width): field and click [Generate] again. 6-The QR image appears with the new size. 7-Click save 8-Steps to get the finished image: 9-Print the image on a laser printer on (waterproof -fireproof) sticker paper. Thanks Best Regards, Ayman Khoshouey Maintenance Engineering Assist.Gen.MGR.

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